About our client: Reeds Telecom & Internet

Reeds is a Telecom business based in Melbourne that provides fixed line phone and internet services nationally. They have been operating for over 15 years within Australia but more recently have looked to move a large portion of their operations into the cloud to make use of their overseas call centre.

Assisting Reeds with their move to the Philippines was a major project involving over 3,500 consultant and engineer hours combined to move their existing Telco network infrastructure into the cloud as well as setup their call centre in Cebu. And we are please to say the project was a resounding success with no service issues experienced by their clients and no loss of productivity or service up time / availability.

Major Work Performed

Reeds had a large amount of physical VOIP infrastructure for their operations in Melbourne and the equipment was aging and needing replacement. The best option for the business was to move these systems into the cloud. We selected Amazon AWS for the cloud provider and rebuilt an entire Telco VOIP system in the cloud – without a single dropped call or unplanned outage!

Pretty impressive!

Just like their VOIP network, their billing system which is tied in to all their services was on aging servers and it didn’t make sense to reinvest in a new physical setup. So we moved the billing platform into AWS too without a single missed customer invoice or payment.
Security is a huge concern with sending private data to an overseas call centre. For this reason we implemented with the help of local telecommunications companies highly secure and redundant links into the call centre in Cebu. These links host the call centre’s connection to the company’s secure cloud network which gives access to the phone system and the billing system. These links are monitored 24/7 by a security team and a very advanced array of automated anti-intrusion systems.
Once you host private information in the cloud your taking on a lot of responsibility and risk. We helped mitigate that risk by introducing extensive new security practices and procedures into the business to help prevent data leaks and network intrusion. We also worked with the client to create training packages for the staff to help educate them against phishing attacks and proper security management. All this together creates a much more secure and dependable network hosted within the cloud.

Key Project Requirements

Internet Service to Reeds Clients (Up Time) 98%
Call Centre (Up Time) 100%
Billing System (Up Time) 98%
Internal Telecommunication Systems – VoIP (Up Time) 100%

Our Happy Clients